About PBA FM

PBA FM aims to entertain, inform and educate listeners about the immediate community while offering an overview of state, national and international matters. Formed in 1979, PBA-FM conducted a successful test transmission in April 1981 and a full license was granted in November 1982 with broadcasting commencing in January 1983.

PBA FM Studios, in Wiltshire Street, Salisbury, South Australia

PBA FM is heard across the northern suburbs, and also across much of metropolitan Adelaide on 89.7 on the FM band. PBA-FM is a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia and is supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation. PBA-FM values the importance of the volunteer role and offers them the opportunity to further develop personal and technical skills, provides on-going training and acknowledges their contribution with appropriate recognition. The current weekly broadcast schedule is available on the PBA FM website www.pbafm.org.au

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Post Office Box 433
Salisbury, South Australia, 5108

Salisbury Centre
19 Wiltshire Street
Salisbury, South Australia, 5108

(08) 8250 3735 (+61 8 8250 3735)

(08) 8281 7495 (+61 8 8281 7495)

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