Park Friends – Now on-air!

PBA FM – 89.7FM in Adelaide Australia
Mondays at 8.30pm, 16 April – 2 July 2012
Repeat Broadcast Fridays at 9am, 20 April – 6 July 2012
Live streaming on
Adelaide time is GMT +9 hrs 30 mins

The Law Spot
Following each of the Park Friends’ programs, The Law Spot, a 13-part award-winning community legal education series will be re-broadcast, but only on PBA FM. The Law Spot project was kindly funded by the Law Foundation of South Australia For program information, and a series of Discussion Starters (prepared by Greg Carey from Flinders University in South Australia) for use after each of  The Law Spot programs, see the link to The Law Spot at the top of the homepage –

Each of the Park Friends programs will be added to this website, usually within two days of first broadcast on PBA FM. Go to the Programs menu and/or the Podcasts menu. Other information will be added as each program is broadcast.

Other SA Stations
This series is available free of charge to any Community Radio station in SA. Details of broadcasts on other stations will be added will be added when known.

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