Programs 1 – 4

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Please note – Podcasts will be added following initial broadcast on PBA FM, 89.7 on the FM band in Adelaide South Australia.The series begins on Monday 16 April, so podcasts will appear weekly for twelve weeks to Monday 2 July.

It's off to work we go!

Program 01 – A Walk in the Park
Podcast    Duration to be advised 
Recorded on various locations in the Black Hill, Morialta and Horsnell Gully Conservation Parks in the Adelaide Hills close to the City of Adelaide, the twelve programs in Park Friends reflect the diversity of our Conservation Parks and the work of many people across South Australia to ensure that the natural environment is preserved and wherever possible restored. One of the contributors in this first program quotes Charles Jordan of the Nature Conservancy in the USA – “What they do not value, they do not protect, and what they do not protect, they will lose”. Most of this introductory program was recorded during a walk in Morialta Conservation Park; this helps sets the scene for the Park Friends series.

The Honourable Paul Caica MP, Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, South Australia
Graham Churchett, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
Reg Clark, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
John Fleming, President, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
Amelia Hurren, Cape Borda to Barossa Naturelink Coordinator, Department for Environment and Natural Resources

Removing Perennial Veldt Grass, Wildflower Garden, Black Hill Conservation Park

Program 02 – One Park Many Users
Podcast    Duration to be advised 
Parks provide many opportunities for people to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities. In this program, the use of a park by a very experienced and environmentally aware rock climber is representative of many user groups who have specific activities they wish to undertake. The interview includes reflections on the pleasures of abseiling and rock climbing, safety issues for climbers and for other park users, liaison with park management on a range of matters, and involvement in activities to ensure the preservation of natural environments in our parks.

Rock climber Michael


Program 03 – Some Park Science
 Podcast     Duration to be advised
How have our landscapes changed in the past 200 years? What is being done to prevent the decline in the number of bird species in this region? We hear about biodiversity – the number and different types of species of plants and animals in our Conservation Parks in South Australia, from the perspective of a scientist. The increasing role of volunteers, and the essential training that is required, are both noted in providing a service to look after those resources for future generations. The question is asked – can we go back to what the parks were like 200 years ago. The concept of sustainability is revisited – living in ways to make it possible for future generations to live as well as, if not better than, we do in this world. Also in the program, the importance of fostering a sense of place, in the context of education for sustainability.

Associate Professor David Paton, The University of Adelaide
Richard Smith, SA Convener, Australian Association for Environmental Education

David Paton discussing the re-establishment of grey box woodlands to Glenthorne, with University of Adelaide honours students Kate Haylock and Owen Burnell

Program 04 – Getting Involved
Podcast    Duration to be advised
Why do people become involved as volunteers in parks across South Australia? How do volunteers commit to involvement in our parks when the task can sometimes seem so vast? A closer look at some of the people who work in our Conservation Parks and the role of Natural Resource Management Boards in facilitating and supporting the work of park volunteers.

Reg Clark, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
Amelia Hurren, Cape Borda to Barossa Naturelink Coordinator, Department for Environment and Natural Resources
Liz Millington, Volunteer Program Coordinator, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board

Caroline Slade and John Fleming immersed in some weeding