Park Friends 7: From Little Seeds ……..

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Friends of Parks Inc is an “umbrella” organisation for the many groups in South Australia with an interest in our conservation parks, including of course marine environments. President of Friends of Parks David Mitchell reflects on invasive weeds in our national parks and how many of them came to be brought to Australia.

Then we return to Horsnell Gully with two of the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta, Carolyn and Dennis Slade; both are seed collectors, having gained early experience with Trees for Life and then planting on the Heysen Trail. Over the past twenty years, they have planted over 20,000 trees, and everything they plant here in Horsnell Gully has come as seeds from this conservation park.

Liz Millington, Volunteer Program Coordinator with the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board has worked with “the most fabulous sets of people who were really passionate about caring for our land in all its aspects.” She speaks about the support that all NRM Boards provide in supporting the efforts of volunteer and friends’ groups to achieve their goals, including access to free insurance and grants for new community projects. Finally David Mitchell speaks about the need to find ways and means of involving younger people in the conservation of parks.

Carolyn and Dennis Slade, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
Liz Millington, Volunteer Program Coordinator, Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board
David Mitchell, President, Friends of Parks Inc.

Young people at work in the main valley in Morialta Conservation Park

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Visit the website of the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc – an example of just one of the many friends of parks groups around South Australia.
With over 130 groups representing over 6000 volunteers, what is the role of Friends of Parks Inc. in South Australia? What is meant by “cultural heritage”  as part of their “common interest is the protection and enhancement of South Australia’s natural and/or cultural heritage”?

Plantings in Horsnell’s Gully