The Law Spot

Produced with assistance from The Law Foundation of South Australia, The Law Spot was an award-winning 13-part radio series, produced and presented by Tony Ryan at PBA FM in Adelaide South Australia.

Repeat Broadcast
PBA FM 89.7 on the FM Band in Adelaide, South Australia
Beginning 8.45pm Monday 16 April, repeat broadcast beginning Friday 20 April at 9.15am, following Park Friends.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming –
Note Central Australian Time is GMT + 9′ 30″

Discussion Starters
The Law Spot Podcasts and Discussion Starters are available for download for each program. These learning resources were prepared by Greg Carey from Flinders University in Adelaide.

Award Citation
The Law Spot and PBA FM in Adelaide gained a prestigious award in the 2011 Archbishop of Adelaide Media Awards, “for the promotion of truth, justice and fairness in South Australia’s Media.”