The Park Friends project, produced at PBA FM in Adelaide, provides a good opportunity to show the links that can exist between the 100-year-old but still very relevant technology of radio, and the latest information communication technology (ICT) available through the internet, including online learning resources, podcasts etc.

While in the first instance, this Park Friends project uses the medium of radio in South Australia (and through live streaming) to reach audiences with programs around education for sustainability, and then utilises the internet to provide ongoing access to photographs, additional links, a short video production and of course, each of the radio programs as podcasts, limited time and funding precludes the production of more extensive learning resources.

However it is my hope that this small project will provide a model for future initiatives utilising partnerships between community radio – in South Australia and/or nationally – and government, educational and/or not-for-profit organisations in the context of continuing and lifelong learning.

Park Friends was made possible with a grant through the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board, and was produced at PBA FM with invaluable support and encouragement from the Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc. Their commitment to and enthusiasm for this project are greatly appreciated.

Tony Ryan
Producer/Presenter, Park Friends
PBA FM Adelaide, South Australia

The remains of the original milking shed at Horsnell Gully