Please use the Post facility below for providing your comments on any of the following and/or related matters of interest to the Park Friends production team, funding body and reference group:

  • How you first heard about this project
  • Your interest in the environment – interested, a volunteer/paid worker, park user etc
  • Program content and contributors
  • Program format and duration
  • Ease of access by radio (which station in SA)
  • Ease of downloading podcasts
  • Ease of navigating this website, structure, photographs etc
  • How the website, podcasts, text etc could be used in teaching and learning
  • After hearing some/all of these podcasts, would you be likely to become more involved in some volunteer activities in parks or marine reserves in South Australia?
  • Any other comments on Park Friends, or suggestions for the future

The old shed near the car park at Horsnell Gully

One Response to Evaluation

  1. Bryan O'Shannassy says:

    Serendipity is alive and well. This is a great website. It is “clean”, easy to read, very well written and has high quality images. I found myself drawn in and spending time on topics that I had not been looking for. Congratulations to the website designer/s. You have created a site that many others should use as a model for their subject matter.

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