Park Friends 3: Some Park Science

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We begin this program with a little history of Morialta. Many South Australians love the Adelaide Hills, and especially some areas close to the Adelaide CBD, including Black Hill, Morialta and Horsnell Gully. Elizabeth Warburton’s book Old Stradbroke has an evocative description of the Fourth Creek, below the First Falls in Morialta Park, way back in the 1850s. Adelaide film director and reviewer John J McGowan begins the program with a short extract from Old Stradbroke.

Associate Professor David Paton, from The University of Adelaide, with honours students Owen Burnell and Kate Haylock, discussing the re-establishment of grey box woodlands to Glenthorne

Then follows Associate Professor David Paton from The University of Adelaide; David reflects on ways in which our landscapes have changed in the past 175 years, and asks what is being done to prevent the decline in the number of bird species in this region. We hear about the threats to biodiversity – the number and different types of species of plants and animals in our Conservation Parks in South Australia, from the perspective of a scientist. The increasing role of volunteers, and the essential training that is required, are both noted in providing a service to look after those resources for future generations. The question is asked – can we go back to what the parks were like 175 years ago.


Associate Professor David Paton, The University of Adelaide
The reader is John J McGowan

Further reading
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