Park Friends 2: One Park, Many Users

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In any Conservation Park in South Australia, you will find many people who visit regularly for enjoyment, or who devote their time and expertise to working with park management in maintaining and preserving our precious state parks. You will also find many groups who like to carry out activities in the park. In this program, the use of one park by a rock climber is representative of many user groups who have specific activities they wish to undertake. And in the case of rock climbers, apart from issues of their own safety, the safety of other users also has to be considered, so that all individuals and groups making legitimate use of our parks are safe while they enjoy their time there.


Michael is a regular rock climber, including in Morialta Conservation Park

Thinkabout Talkabout

  • In this program, the use of the park for rock climbing has changed over the years. What were some of those changes and why was it found to be necessary to make these changes?
  • Who makes use of parks near you?
  • Rock climbing is one activity where safety is obviously of prime importance. How have health and safety considerations been implemented in a park near you, to ensure the safety of all park users?
  • How have the wishes of some groups been allowed for without jeopardising use by other people or groups?

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